LeadSugar keeps freelancers and agencies booked solid by delivering qualified 'work from anywhere' projects every day with the info needed to win them.

I was skeptical at first when signing up for LeadSugar but my skepticism dissolved immediately after receiving my first set of leads. I cannot recommend this service more highly and I can’t even count how many hours LeadSugar saves me every day!

Matt Higa, Pinnaple Club, LLC

"… Hey just a side note, but I really think you all do a great job! It is highly appreciated over here!"

Andy Clarkson, Andy B Clarkson Graphic Design

Less is more and that's the point of LeadSugar.

Less really is more. By focusing your efforts on pre-qualified leads, you can get back to what you do best; helping clients, and preventing the burnout that would likely occur if you had to spend more time each day finding the best leads yourself.I suppose you could find some of these leads yourself, but do you really want to spend the three to five hours of time sorting, filtering, and verifying them. At $100/hr billable rate, you’d be losing more than $8,000 a month! You could hire someone at $10/hr to do the time consuming task of sales prospecting for you, but this would cost you more than $800/month. That’s way too much. And finding a cheaper virtual assistant on Elance is even more of a waste because the chance of finding quality help is about the size of this pixel -->With LeadSugar, in just a few minutes a day you can prevent prospecting fatigue and replace your time that was spent prospecting and move right onto your next engagement on your own terms.

Who Should Use LeadSugar?

* Freelancers and contractors who are tired of scrambling for work in between projects
* Agencies who want better clients and more consistent work to ensure their growing staff is billing hours instead of waiting on the bench
* Independent consultants who want to increase their hourly rates and land better clients by focusing on the best leads available
* Hourlies whose time is more valuable billing than searching for good leads or managing someone else to do it for them
* Bootstrappers looking to supplement their income while building their business
* Corporate worker bees who want to save time, employ structure, and be more successful in sales prospecting to earn extra income on the side

Pick Your Package



Freelance Leads That Match Your Expertise
Web Design - WordPress / Drupal / HTML / CSS / Responsive
Web Development - PHP / Javascript / Ruby / RoR / CMS / .Net
Branding - Logos / Identity Design
Mobile - Android/iOS apps
Creative Production - Animations / Motion Graphics / Illustrations
UX/UI - Mockups / Wireframes
Marketing - Paid Advertising / SEO / Landing Pages / Collateral (e.g. Print, Email, Infographics)
Content Marketing - Content Writing / Blog Posts / Article Writing / eBooks
Social Media - Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest



Done for You Package
This package is the whole shebang. All the qualified leads AND LeadSugar will help you define, target, pitch and set up meetings with your ideal prospects (local, regional, national, abroad, industry specific, size, etc.). This package is best suited for agencies.


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